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DCS Dynamic Cooking Systems Genuine Appliance Parts

We have a large stock of Genuine DCS parts. If we don't have it, we can get it. Many are not listed on the website due to the many different models and product codes. Call us with any questions or inquiries on DCS parts.

Genuine Factory Range And Oven Repair Parts for most major brands. We're in the process of adding our inventory and we stock much more inventory than is listed here online, so please call us if you don't see what you need. We either have it in stock in our warehouse or we can get it from the manufacturer right away.

DCS (93) DCS
DCS Dynamic Cooking Systems Genuine Appliance Parts
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211759 DCS Range MOV Assembly
211783 DCS Wall Oven Lower Element

211804P DCS Range Cooktop Ignition Switch. Replaces obsolete 211804. Fits several models. Click MORE DETAILS link for specific model coverage.

211812 DCS Range Cooktop 4 Point Spark Module. Fits DCS models: CS-364GDSS CS-364GLSS CSCS-484GGSS CT-304SS RDS-364GDSS RDS-484GGSS RGS-364GDSS RGS-364GLSS RGS-484GGSS CDU-304-N CDU-304-L RGT-364GD RGT-484GG
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211813P 6-Point Spark Module for DCS Ranges and cooktops. NOTE: THIS IS A 6-POINT MODULE. DO NOT ORDER IF YOU HAVE A 5-POINT! Fits these models: CS-366SS CS-486GDSS CS-486GLSS RDS-366SS RDS-486GDSS RDS-486GLSS RGT-366-N RGS-366 RGT-486GD-N RDT-485GD-N RDT-486GL-N CP-366-N CP-486GD-N CP-486GL-N

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Spark Module for DCS Ranges. 5-Burner re-ignition style. Exact replacement for 16458. WILL NOT WORK ON 6-POINT UNITS, EVEN THOUGH IT APPEARS TO BE THE SAME. DO NOT ORDER UNLESS YOUR ORIGINAL IS A 5-POINT.


211841 DCS Range Oven Door Latch. Motorized door latch assembly for DCS wall ovens. Fits these models: WOS-127SS 70081 WOS-127SS-PH 70082 WOS-130SSS 70084 WOS-130SS-PH WOS-227-SS 70093 WOSD-227-SS-PH 70094 WOSD-230-SS 70095 WOSD-230-SS-PH 70096 WOT-127-SS 70832 WOT-130-SS 70834 WOT-130-SS-PH 70835 WOT-227-SS 70836 WOT-227-SS-PH 70837 WOT-230-SS 70838 WOT-230-SS-PH 70839 WOT-230-SS-PH 70839 WOTD-227-SS 70840 WOTD-227-SS-PH 70841 WOTD-230-SS 70842 WOTD-230-SS-PH 70843 Fits other models of ranges and ovens also. Call if model not listed here.

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211864 DCS Range Control Board RFR
214645 DCS Range Radiant Broil Burner
$499.40  SALE!  $402.51 
$123.46  SALE!  $109.28 
216715 DCS Range Burner Tube Main Center
216874P DCS Range Burner Tube. Replaces AP6787314, 216874.
216875 DCS Range Simmer Burner Tube. Replaces AP6787315.
216876 DCS Gas Range TUBING MAIN REAR 36/48. Replaces AP6787316, 216933, 216876P.
217981 DCS Range Orifice SIMM#79DMS

217994 DCS Range Cooktop Surface Ignitor electrode for DCS ranges. Replaces 241680. Fits the following models: CT-36-DI-SS CS-364GDSS CS-366SS CS-484GGSS CS-486GDSS CS-486GLSS CT-304-SS RDS-305SS RDS-364GDSS RDS-364GLSS RDS-366SS RDS-484GGSS RGS-305SS RGS-364GDSS RGS-366


218130 DCS Burner Grate Rubber Feet 12 Pack. PLEASE VERIFY MODEL NUMBER FITMENT BEFORE ORDERING! IF UNSURE PLEASE CALL US! Fits the following models/products: RDT-305-N RGT-366-N 70704 36" Dual Fuel, 6 open top RGT-364GD-N RGT-364GL-N RDT-364GD-N RDT-364GL-N RGT-484GG-N RGT-485GD-N RGT-486G-N RGT-486GL-N RDT-484GG-N RDT-485GD-N RDT-486GD-N RDT-486GL-N CP-366-N CP-364GD-N CP364GL-N CP484GG-N CP485GG-N CP-486GD-N CP-486GL-N

221165 DCS Range Single Point Ignition Module
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237441 DCS Range Center Burner Grate
237631 DCS Range Ring D-Port Assembly. Replaces AP6788232.
93 Items.  Showing Items 41 thru 60.
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