Return/Refund Policy

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!  Many of our competitors offer 365 day returns and "Buy it-try-return-it" policies, and in exchange you pay MUCH HIGHER prices for the parts. GAP offers you options that can save you money and still allow you to buy and try parts. On many of our items, we are now offering "BUY IT AND TRY IT INSURANCE" and if you take this option, you will pay more for the part, but by doing so, you can RETURN IT FOR REFUND FOR ANY REASON FOR 365 DAYS. Even with this option, we should still be less than the other vendors charge. If you do not take the "BUY IT TRY INSURANCE" option, then our standard return policy applies, which is 365 day warranty on the part, and no returns on electronic or installed parts "Electronic part" means any device that has an electrical connection. WE MUST HAVE THE MODEL AND SERIAL NUMBER FROM YOUR APPLIANCE IN ORDER TO PROCESS ANY WARRANTY CLAIMS.

All parts carry a *One Year Replacement warranty. 

*Warranty excludes glass parts, door handles, washer lids, washer door bellows or plastic items such as crisper pans or door bins. These items have "fit for a particular purpose" warranty, which means if the parts don't fit your model, they can be returned. 

Why have a 2-tier pricing system? Simple! Many people know exactly what the problem with the appliance is and are confident they are purchasing the correct item, and for those people, we offer bare-bones low cost part pricing, but the trade-off for the low price is the stricter returns policy. If you are certain you need a washer timer for example, why pay extra for the part if you don't have to? Our friends at Repair Clinic and Appliance Parts Pros charge EVERYONE higher prices for the "buy it and try it" polices they offer, so you are paying for the people that are returning parts they mistakenly thought was the problem and had to return. GAP offers you the choice to pay MUCH LESS for the part if you are SURE you need it! You can save as much as 40% on some items. If the part you are thinking of purchasing does not show a "BUY IT AND TRY IT INSURANCE" option, please contact us, as we are in the process of editing thousands of items with our new policy. If our "BUY IT AND TRY IT" price is not lower than the competition- ASK US TO PRICE MATCH! We will do our best to save you money. 

If you are unsure about our returns policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For warranty claims, after the first 30 days, customer is responsible for return of the defective item, we are responsible for shipping the replacement to you. For an item that is "bad out of the box" or DOA, WE will send a replacement at OUR EXPENSE as well as pay the shipping for return of the DOA item.