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Genuine Samsung Appliance Parts
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DA29-00012A Replacement for Samsung Refrigerator Water Filter. Replaces DA29-00012A DA29-00012B. Fits models RM255BARB RM255CAS RM255LABP RM255LARS RM255LASH

Genuine Samsung Condenser Fan Blade. Replaces DA31-00015C. Fits many models including: RS2511SW, RS2521SW, RS2530BBP, RS2530BSH, RS2530BWP, RS2531SW, RS2611SW, RS2621BB, RS2621SH, RS2621SW, RS2623BB, RS2623SH, RS2623SL, RS2623VQ, RS2623WW, RS2624SW, RS2624WW, RS2625SL, RS2630ASH, RS2630AWW, RS2630SH, RS2630SW, RS2630WW, RS2631SL, RS2631SW, RSC5DBSH, RSC5DBWP

Genuine Samsung Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor. Replaces AP4140906. Fits most Samsung refrigerators. Easy install. Common fail item, sounds like chirping bird when worn out. Click MORE DETAILS link for model coverage.
$48.05  SALE!  $39.83 
DA31-00146B Samsung Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor
$84.15  SALE!  $73.85 
DA31-00146H Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Fan Motor. Replaces 2030147, DA31-00146C

Samsung refrigerator fan & light switch. Fits bottom-freezer models. If this switch fails, you will lose cooling in refrigerator section due to no fan operation. Easy snap-in replacement.

$14.76  SALE!  $11.07 

DA34-10003S Samsung Refrigerator Compressor Relay Overload Protector. Fits many models. Click MORE INFO link for specific model coverage.

DA35-00135A Samsung Refrigerator Relay

DA41-00128D Samsung Refrigerator Main PBA Control Board. Fits models: RB1844SL/XAA, RB1844SW/XAA, RB1855BB/XAA, RB1855SL/XAA, RB1855SW/XAA, RB1855VQ/XAA, RB1944SL/XAA, RB1955SH/XAA, RB1955SW/XAA, RB1955VQ/XAA, RB2044SL/XAA, RB2044SW/XAA, RB2055BB/XAA, RB2055SL/XAA, RB2055SW/XAA, RB2155BB/XAA, RB2155SH/XAA, RB2155SW/XAA


DA41-00219C Samsung Refrigerator Main PCM. Fits models RS2630ASH, RS2630SH, RS2630WW.

$103.44  SALE!  $99.09 

DA41-00264A Samsung Refrigerator Digital Display Unit. Fits models: RB195BSBB, RB195BSSB, RB195BSSW, RB195BSVQ, RB215BSBB, RB215BSSB, RB215BSSW, RB215LABB, RB215LABP, RB215LASH. Simple 5 minute installation using a screwdriver.


DA41-00293A Samsung Refrigerator ASSY Main PCB. Fits models: RB195BSBB, RB195BSSB, RB195BSSW, RB195ZASH, RB215BSSB, RB215LABP, RB215LASH, RB215ZASH. Common item when Refrigerator section is freezing everything.


DA41-00538M Samsung Refrigerator Main PCB Main Control Board. Fits models RFG297AABP, RFG297AAPN, RFG297AARS, RFG297AAWP


DA41-00651Q Samsung Main PCM for Models RF266AEBP, RF266AEPN, RF266AERS, RF266AEWP.

DA41-00692A Samsung Refrigerator PBA Board. Replaces AP4568218, 2031226. RF4287AARS, RF4287HABP, RF4287HAPN, RF4287HARS, RF4287HAWP.

DA59-00294B Samsung Refrigerator Icemaker Head Assembly. Replacement icemaker head and sensor for Samsung refrigerators. This is for the icemaker found in the LOWER section (freezer) on the 3-door/french door models. It is NOT the icemaker found in the fresh food section. Fits SAMSUNG models: RF217ABPN, RF217ABWP, RF217ACBP, RF217ACPN, RF217ACRS, RF217ACWP, RF266AEBP, RF266AERS, RF266AEWP, RF268ABBP, RF268ABPN, RF268ABWP, RFG238AARS, RFG296HDBP, RFG296HDWP, RFG297HDRS, RFG298AAPN, RFG298HDRS, RSH1DTIS.

DA61-11614B Samsung Refrigerator Water Tank
DA62-00914B Samsung Refrigerator Icemaker Water Inlet Valve. Genuine Samsung replacement part. Replaces AP4142321, 2034441, DA97-06642B. Fits many models. Click MORE INFO link for specific model coverage.
$45.99  SALE!  $34.43 

DA62-00930A Samsung Refrigerator Icemaker Water Valve. Replaces AP4146979, DA97-03217A, 2034444. Genuine Samsung part. Click MORE DETAILS link for specific model coverage.

$45.81  SALE!  $39.32 
DA62-04027A Samsung Refrigerator Washer Water Water Valve. Replaces AP5781481, PS8737459, B016R2U6F8, B016R2U6F8
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