PA020028 Viking Range Surface Burner Ignitor

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Genuine Viking Part
PA020028 Viking Range Surface Burner Ignitor

Spark Igniter used on all open burner models. Meant for surface burners only. It is recommended to change your Spark Module and/or Spark Switches at the same time if you are having problems with multiple burners. Suspect an Ignitor Issue When: No Ignition Delayed Ignition. Viking Models that Have Used This Part: CVDSC365-4G CVDSC365-4Q CVDSC365-6B AFTER9-5-06 CVDSC485-4G AFTER08-11-06 CVDSC485-4GQ AFTER08-11-06 CVDSC305 AFTER12-01-06 CVDSC485-6G CVDSC485-6Q AFTER8-16-06 DVGRT300 EVDSC305 EVGIC305 EVGRT300 EVGRT360 EVGRT480 EVGRT600 LVDSC305 AFTER12-01-06 LVDSC365-4G LVDSC365-4Q LVDSC365-6B AFTER9-5-06 LVDSC485-4G AFTER08-11-06 LVDSC485-4GQ AFTER08-11-06 LVDSC485-6G LVDSC485-6Q QSC41 SVDSC305 AFTER12-01-06 SVDSC365-6B AFTER9-5-06 SVGIC305DSI SVGRT300 VDSC305 VDSC305 AFTER12-01-06 VDSC365-4G VDSC365-4Q VDSC365-6B AFTER09-05-06 VDSC367-4Q AFTER09-01-06 VDSC485-4G AFTER08-11-06 VDSC485-4GQ AFTER08-11-06 VDSC485-6G VDSC485-6Q VDSC485C-6G VDSC487-4GQ AFTER06-22-06 VDSC487-6Q AFTER07-10-06 VDSC487-6Q AFTER10-06-07 VDSC536-4G VDSC536-4Q VDSC536-6B VDSC548-6G VDSC5486Q VGBQ4122RE VGBQ4122RE1 VGBQ5323RE VGBQ5323RE1 VGIC245 VGIC305DSI VGIC306 VGIC366-4G VGIC366-4Q VGIC366-6B VGIC368-4Q VGIC486-4G VGIC486-4GQ VGIC486-6G VGIC486-6Q VGIC488-4GQ VGIC488-6Q VGIQ5323RE1 VGRT244T VGRT300AFTER07-09-07 VGRT300 BEFORE07-09-07 VGRT360-4G VGRT360-4G AFTER07-09-07 VGRT360-4Q AFTER07-09-07 VGRT360-6B VGRT360-6B AFTER07-09-07 VGRT362-4Q AFTER07-09-07 VGRT421 RANGE TOP VGRT421-4G AFTER07-09-07 VGRT421-4Q AFTER07-09-07 VGRT421-6B AFTER07-09-07 VGRT4804G VGRT480-4G AFTER07-09-07 VGRT480-4GQ AFTER07-09-07 VGRT4804K VGRT480-4K AFTER07-09-07 VGRT480-6G VGRT480-6G AFTER07-09-07 VGRT480-6QAFTER07-09-07 VGRT482-4GQ VGRT482-4GQ AFTER07-09-07 VGRT482-6QAFTER07-09-07 VGRT5364G VGRT536-4Q VGRT5484GQ VGRT5486G VGRT5486Q VGRT600-6GQ AFTER07-09-07 VGSB121 VGSB122 VGSB244T VGSC487-4GQ VGSC487-6Q VGSC536-4G

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PA020028 Viking Range Surface Burner Ignitor
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