Price Shopping

These days, competition on the internet for your buying dollars can be fierce. Most people will use the power of the web to find the best possible prices, and we encourage you to do that. What is important to realize when making comparisions, is to properly calculate the TOTAL COST TO YOUR DOOR for the part(s) you order. Many of the companies we compete with advertise "flat rate shipping" on ALL items, and we often get asked how come we are charging say $16.00 to ship a large dishrack, when XXX company is "only" charging $6.99 to ship the same item. The answer is simple! Look at what we charge for the part itself! Many of our items are priced so low that people often call or email to ask "is this a NEW part?" or "Is this a factory part you are selling?"  We have this information page for you to read because we have answered countless inquiries about the "cheap shipping" offered by Appliance Parts Pros or other competing vendors. A good example of what we mean by "total cost to your door" is a common Whirlpool dishwasher rack. We sell one of the more common racks, part number W10311986, which retails for $169.45, for only $129.74, and we charge you the same price we pay for average ground shipping, which for this part, sent via FedEx ground, is around $16.00. This same part is currently listed at Appliance Parts Pros with an inflated "List Price" of $197.15 and "on sale" for "only" $165.67 with $6.99 flat rate shipping. That means to your door this part, with artificially low shipping, is actually costing you $172.66:

Our cost to your door for the exact same Genuine Whirlpool part is $145.74! That "cheap shipping" is not so cheap after all is said and done. Our business model is to sell parts as low as we possibly can, and we also use the real, true factory part numbers so you can price-shop easily. We don't use tricks like making up our own part numbers so you can't make honest price comparisions. We also are a real company with real employees and our people pick, pack and process your order in OUR WAREHOUSE for 99% of all purchases made on this website. We only drop-ship a small number of items in times when our stock is depleted and we want to get your order filled as soon as possible. Many of the "Parts Companies" you see on the internet, especially on eBay and Amazon, are nothing more than an individual working at home, and drop-shipping every single item they offer for sale. While there certainly is nothing wrong with this, we want the public to know that when you purchase from GAP, you helping to support American workers that depend on us to support their familes. We pay living wages to even our lowest-tier employees and some of our people have been with us since we began operations back in the 1990's. We appreciate you taking the time to read this, and we hope to become your supplier for all your appliance parts needs.